LA Spatial Journal

In exploring the public space of Los Angeles, I continue to be fascinated by the difference between the collective images of the city juxtaposed with any individual experience. On the ground, people understand the city in fragments that are simultaneously personal, unique and also overlap with shared reflections. While this holds true in all localities, Los Angeles is a city notorious for its lack of a cohesive center and thereby emerges as fertile ground to explore the potentially confusing colliding imagery of its inhabitants. In order to discover the individual, shifting center of life in Los Angeles, the everyday experience needs to be made spatially explicit; adopting the idea of a daily diary, the exploration transcribes daily life into a spatial experience illustrated by mobility in its various forms: walking, biking, riding (on public transport systems) and, last but certainly not least, driving. Gradually, the idea of an elastic center emerges as individuals graft maps onto the abstracted whole. The exploration includes five individuals that detail their mobility in the city for a three week period according to the mode of transport. The resulting images reveal spatio-temporal diagrams that illustrate the breadth of travel on the geographical plane, as well as the speed, according to color.