(Stitch) Multi-Use Housing: Los Angeles

The site for the LA Housing project follows the perimeter of a steeply sloping hillside in an underdeveloped area on the outskirts of Downtown Los Angeles. The site delineates the tentative border between the jacaranda trees climbing up the hillside to the north and the sprawl of the city to the south.  The project responds to each condition through two distinct housing bars. The north bar is embedded into the hillside, functioning as a retaining wall, while the south housing bar follows the gentle curve of Second Street. Connective bridges span between the two housing bars, connecting them structurally and programmatically.  The project, affordable loft spaces for students and artists, leaves a minimal footprint on the site to take advantage of the street level space as an area for common exhibition. Each bar extends to the ground on opposite ends and the bars are structurally bound together by the interstitial bridges, effectively creating a spliced arch.